Point Cash - Agence de Saint-Denis  

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Contact3, rue de Nice 97400 Saint-Denis
GSM : 0692 70 73 00
Email :
Languagesfrench, creole, english
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Approved by the "Autorité de contrôle prudentiel" of the " Banque de France", Point Cash is a new tool which allows the foreign exchange transactions in Réunion.

Around forty currencies are offered at attractive rates.
Ideal for people leaving Réunion for destinations "outside of the euro area " as for the tourists who come to visit the Island.
Open on Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m to 12 a.m and from 1 p.m

ItineraryFrom Roland Garros airport, head towards the city centre of Saint-Denis by the main road. Go on Barachois direction taking Lancastel and Gabriel Macé boulevards. Take avenue de la Victoire, then rue de Nic and at once on left, Point Cash is on the n° 3 behind the Hotel Le Saint-Denis.
Locationtown centre, city centre
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GPS RGR92Longitude : 338505
Latitude : 7691014
Geolocation coordinatesLongitude : 55.447544
Latitude : -20.874033
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